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>> No, you expressed a definite unwillingness to follow our process,
>> which starts by creating a patch for trunk.
> I think you misunderstood, at least partly. I don't really care, because
> I don't have time to contribute to this project anyway.
> I was just talking about why others _might_ not want to. Why would I do
> that, you may ask. The topics of VCS and release strategy came up
> several times during the past years and the discussions never really
> changed anything.

If following a release process is too difficult, then following the rest of our 
processes simply isn’t going to happen. These further processes including our 
ABI rules on backwards compatibility to ensure that our users can confidently 
upgrade to a new httpd point release secure in the knowledge that this won’t 
break their server. This includes our oversight rules, to ensure that changes 
that appear in our releases have the required number of approvals to be allowed 
to be called a release of code of the ASF.

There are those who genuinely do not have time to become fully engaged in our 
project, and so will contribute a patch to a mailing list or bugzilla in the 
hope that someone else takes it through the process, and for that we are very 
grateful. Your desire for us to host your private feature branches, and hand 
out logins to our infrastructure to people who openly profess not to care about 
our projects is not something I would like to see encouraged.


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