On 2017-11-05 06:08, Graham Leggett wrote:
> Your desire for us to host your private feature branches, and hand out logins 
> to our infrastructure to people who openly profess not to care about our 
> projects is not something I would like to see encouraged.

You still do not understand what I am saying. And you are twisting my words.

Maybe you are referring to the following:

Commit the patch to the 2.4.x branch (as a
new feature or patch branch) and send a PR. (X reviewers are required,
and boom it gets merged. Don't forget all the nice CI that can be
triggered before or after the merge.)

Where do I say that I want you to host my private feature branches?

git is distributed and decentralized. I create a branch locally and send
a PR (which could trigger a CI run on your repo as part of the PR).

But you are not wrong. Core developers should have the possibility to
create feature and patch branches on the remote (main) repo (in case of
git). This does not mean that I want to push my branches to the main
repo as a one time or casual contributor. Theoretically you could setup
access control in a way that people can't push to certain branches,
and/or are only allowed to create branches as subbranches and whatnot.
The possibilities are endless. But this is another story and I never
wanted to discuss this in the first place.

Also, I never said I do not care about your projects. Do I really have
to explain how a statement refers to a quote?

Graham: you expressed a definite unwillingness to follow our process,
Graham: which starts by creating a patch for trunk.

KC: I don't really care, because
KC: I don't have time to contribute to this project anyway.

This means I currently don't care about the process, because I don't
have the time to contribute.

Then 2 sentences later I also wrote the following:

If I really wanted to start writing code (new features, internals, ...)
for httpd, I'd be willing to learn the process.

I also never said I wanted login credentials. I said the current system
requires a developer to have login credentials.

e.g. with git and a PR concept, there's no need to have login
credentials (but CI can still be used)

Anyway, I'm done. You are either not reading my mails in context or
ignoring what I'm writing. Like the process this conversation is too
tedious for me.

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