Yep, we had some discussions. Language was for me a problem to get my 
wishes/issues to get understand. I had also language problems with others on 
this list in the past.  I mostly do not understand all when posted, and I am 
not understood.  

It was a pleasure to test mod_md on windows. 

The result is very positive for me and Apachelounge community, and as I said 
time to go with mod_mod. 

By me and others at Apachelounge reported issues and requests have resulted in 
changes applied with mod_mod, see issues git and apachelounge. 

> Op 20 nov. 2017 om 12:21 heeft Stefan Eissing <> 
> het volgende geschreven:
> Disclaimer: Steffen and me got into each others hairs during the development 
> and testing of mod_md. I often have difficulties understanding what he means. 
> That led to frustrations on both sides, I suppose.
> In the comment below, I find several things factually wrong, so I need to 
> answer.
>> Am 19.11.2017 um 16:21 schrieb Steffen <>:
>> Notes:
>> It is not really a module, more a configuration/install utility. And 
>> introducing curl and jansson dependencies.
> It does several things and "install" utility cannot do without either living 
> in the server or parsing/rewriting arbitrary config files. But if you never 
> use these additional features, other tools might work as well, sure.
>> Running mod_md from the beginning and made available at ApacheLounge. It was 
>> a struggle to get it working for me and others, docu needs more eyes for 
>> reviews. It works ok, but I do not see that advantage over other utilities 
>> out there. 
> You should use the utility that serves you best. If you expect any less than 
> struggle when using pre-alpha versions in development, you should adjust your 
> expectations.
>> In January LetsEncrypt is starting with wildcard certs. Maybe worth to wait. 
>> I know users waiting for that and experience learns that changes at LE can 
>> trouble mod_md.
> This is FUD. The protocol that mod_md talks with LE will not change by the 
> wildcard introduction. LE is prepared to maintain the current v1 API point 
> indefinitely, because there are many sites and tools out there that use it.
> The bug you probably refer to was the change of the License agreement last 
> week, mod_md stalled on certificate renewal and gave a proper NOTICE message 
> in the logs about what went wrong. The bug was fixed by me the next day. A 
> workaround without the fix is possible by moving aside the existing account 
> data.
> So, had this been released already, we could have provided a workaround at 
> once (after analysing the problem) and a fix right after. The marking of it 
> as "experimental" is always a warning that some bumps in the road are to be 
> expected.
> Cheers,
> Stefan

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