On Sat, Jan 6, 2018 at 10:06 AM, Steffen <i...@apachelounge.com> wrote:
> There are three more, so we have   7 places for mod_ssl:

In general, I wouldn't go hunting for alternate places to build/test
anything from.   You shouldn't feel obligated here beyond what you're
interested in. If you want changes before they hit trunk or the
2.4.x-md branch they are probably in github.

> patches

Ignore it -- Don't worry about it unless someone uses it to share a
patch with you to test a specific issue.

> trunk-md

Ignore it -- Appears obsolete, not changed in months and mod_md is in trunk

> 2.4.x-mod_md branch

This is where the mod_md backport proposal will eventually come from.
If you want to test mod_md on 2.4 before it's in 2.4, using this
branch makes sense.

This branch will never be released, just merged into 2.4.x when it's ready.

> 2.4.x

This is where actual 2.4 development occurs and where any 2.4.x
release will be cut from. No mod_md yet.

> git v5 patch

Ignore it -- No idea, I wouldn't pay any mind to it unless someone
directed you to specifically try something in it.

> trunk

This is where normal forward development happens.

> 2.5.0-alpha

Ignore it -- This is just a tag.

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