Thanks Eric.

Still I think it is not the way to create so much branches here, trunk and 2.4.x should be enough.

For extra branches the apache-username space can be used like

When I recall Stefan stated that 2.4.x-mod_md was the branch to test/run mod_md against.

Not anymore, now on git..

.. do not build against 2.4.x-mod_md please. Use only 2.4.x. ......

To test we need to use mod_md from 2.4.x-mod_md branch and mod_ssl from the 2.4.x branch ?

Complicated all the versions and usability not same at some point.

Also to have stuff mod_md in SVN and GIT makes it not that easy. I suspended my testing mod-md/ssl

On Saturday 06/01/2018 at 16:58, Eric Covener  wrote:
On Sat, Jan 6, 2018 at 10:06 AM, Steffen <> wrote:

There are three more, so we have   7 places for mod_ssl:

In general, I wouldn't go hunting for alternate places to build/test
anything from.   You shouldn't feel obligated here beyond what you're
interested in. If you want changes before they hit trunk or the
2.4.x-md branch they are probably in github.


Ignore it -- Don't worry about it unless someone uses it to share a
patch with you to test a specific issue.


Ignore it -- Appears obsolete, not changed in months and mod_md is in trunk

2.4.x-mod_md branch

This is where the mod_md backport proposal will eventually come from.
If you want to test mod_md on 2.4 before it's in 2.4, using this
branch makes sense.

This branch will never be released, just merged into 2.4.x when it's ready.


This is where actual 2.4 development occurs and where any 2.4.x
release will be cut from. No mod_md yet.

git v5 patch

Ignore it -- No idea, I wouldn't pay any mind to it unless someone
directed you to specifically try something in it.


This is where normal forward development happens.


Ignore it -- This is just a tag.

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