Thanks Yann,

Mod_ssl has specific needed changes for mod_md. Some changes are already 
committed in 2.4.x. 

Mod_md  in 2.4.x-mod_md branch does not build out of the box, because faulting 

in ssl_engine_init.c I have to set #define MOD_MD_BACKPORTED   1



Saw that icing already cleaned up a branche (moved to attic). More to follow ?

> Op 8 jan. 2018 om 14:56 heeft Yann Ylavic <> het volgende 
> geschreven:
> Hi Steffen,
>> On Mon, Jan 8, 2018 at 12:50 PM, Steffen <> wrote:
>> When I recall Stefan stated that 2.4.x-mod_md was the branch to test/run
>> mod_md against.
> Clearly, this is the mod_mod that will be released as of, so
> the one to test.
>> Not anymore, now on git..
>> .. do not build against 2.4.x-mod_md please. Use only 2.4.x. ......
> Why use git(hub) versions as for httpd releases?
> The 2.4.x-mod_md branch should be self contained, and either work as
> expected thus promoted to 2.4.x with enough votes, or has issues thus
> be reworked/fixed as many times as needed until working as expected.
> I don't know the exact status of mod_md on git(hub), but I expect the
> changes committed to trunk but mostly backported to 2.4.x-mod_md
> (hence to be finally merged to 2.4.x) to be the stable ones, and I
> think it is.
> Whenever an mod_{h2,md} version is stable (per testing by the github
> community), Stefan brings them to httpd's svn.
> He may provide github versions in between httpd releases to keep the
> mod_h2 community up to date (since his release cycle is faster than
> httpd's), but whenever httpd is to be released it usually embeds the
> latest (read most stable) mod_http2 at that time.
> Same for mod_hd I guess, although it is not released in httpd yet.
>> To test we need to use mod_md from 2.4.x-mod_md branch and mod_ssl from the
>> 2.4.x branch ?
> The first version of mod_md lives in 2.4.x-mod_md and we should
> test/vote this one branch only (regarding mod_md), so please report
> any issue on it with no other change from another branch or git.
> We can keep this branch in sync with the final 2.4.x, like I did this
> weed-end, if we want for example the needed mod_ssl changes committed
> there (because they are not really mod_md specific) to be also in
> 2.4.x-mod_md, so that precisely no "external" change is needed to test
> mod_md on that branch.
>> Complicated all the versions and usability not same at some point.
> They shouldn't be, and AFAICT, they are not, 2.4.x-mod_md is the
> branch to test as is.
>> Also to have stuff mod_md  in SVN and GIT makes it not that easy. I
>> suspended my testing mod-md/ssl
> I think you shouldn't bother about other branches/repositories when
> testing httpd releases, it's usually 2.4.x only.
> mod_md is a special case because this is the first release, so per
> definition it's not in 2.4.x yet, hence Stefan created a special
> 2.4.x-"fake" branch (with a better named ;) which we can test as if it
> were the real 2.4.x.
> Let's do that for the special mod_md case of today.
> Regards,
> Yann.

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