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>> directive
>> Why? If it is designed to not change between restarts then there
>> are much easier ways to be unique, which it kinda already is,
>> considering the actual structs being used.

I don't know what "easier ways" you are thinking about, the one
proposed here is not that complicated IMO.
In any case the method we are currently using in mod_proxy_lb *is*
changing accross restarts, mainly because of the line number.
What if you add/remove a line before the <VirtualHost>?
At least for graceful restarts, I think it shall not change, SHMs
should be reused.

>> Also, this seems like unnecessary admin overhead for the
>> webmaster... if there is a need for such an ID, httpd should
>> provide for it automagically and not require users to have to
>> config one. It seems like config-file fluff to me, IMO.
> +1. If the current ID used is not meeting our requirements, my first
> thought would be if we could improve it to meet them.

I'm fine with removing the directive and let the automatic UID be
generated at startup, the thing is already there in this patch.
The directive simply helps for the case when the admin knows what to
do, and for instance wants the vhosts to remain the same even if an IP
address or a ServerName is changed.


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