Are there still plans to push for a 2.4.30 soon?  There's a couple bug fixes in it that I'd love to have in the official builds!


- Nic

On 2018/01/04 12:43:12, Jim Jagielski <> wrote:
> As we get settled into the new year, it seems a good time>
> to think about a 2.4.30 release in the coming week or>
> so. Lots of good stuff currently in 2.4.30-dev and even>
> more good stuff in STATUS awaiting a single vote!>
> Let's see if we can clean-up STATUS, get 2.4.30-dev into>
> fantastic shape, and "commit" to doing a release no later>
> than mid Jan.>
> I volunteer to RM and/or help someone else RM.>

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