Is this release likely to be ready before August 10? I am guessing "no" at this 
point, but wanted to get an idea early.


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m 20.07.2019 um 10:38 schrieb Marion & Christophe JAILLET:
> Hi,
> PR60757 and corresponding r1853560 could be a good candidate for backport.
> I don't have a configuration for testing so I won't propose it myself
> for backport, but the patch looks simple.

I have added this one (mod_proxy_hcheck in BalancerMember) and two other ones 
("Mute frequent debug message in mod_proxy_hcheck" and "bytraffic needs 
byrequests") to STATUS right now.



> Le 18/07/2019 à 16:06, Stefan Eissing a écrit :
>> It would be great if we could make a release this month. There are
>> several fixes and improvements already backported and a few
>> outstanding issues that need a vote or two.
>> Please have a look if you find the time. I think Daniel expressed
>> willingness to RM this? That'd be great!
>> Cheers, Stefan

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