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In what state is our release handling? Given someone holding my hand, could I 
do it? Or is it better to look someone over the shoulder while he does it?
If there is an over-the-shoulder session I would like to tag along.  I
am flexible on time of day but I am GMT+4 (EDT).  I can host on webex.
Otherwise if you just want to struggle through it I can tag along but
I have no experience.

I can give another try with my limited experience.

I definitively would like to add a --dry-run option for all scripts so that they can be run for learning purpose without the fear of un-expected impact on svn.

Existing scripts are not that easy to read at first, but are understanbdable and following http://httpd.apache.org/dev/release.html#how-to-do-a-release helps a lot. The scripts should also be tweaked because of the latest changes in several places (at least web site update (now on github) and CVE announcement (if any) now that part of the process is handled elsewhere).

The CVE announcement should be much easier, now that we have a "Send these Emails" on cveprocess.a.o. This should simplify part of the process where we were preparing some scripts to send the announcement emails.

I've been lacking time for httpd since many weeks, but I should be able to RM next week if needed.


Also: Anyone who has a showstopper to delay a release (even if not yet
proposed) please add it to 2.4.x STATUS so we can get things in order.

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