Hello Ignite Community!

My name is Anton. I joined to community some time ago and I want to contribute 
to Apache Ignite.

I would be want to make my first proposal. I noticed that Ignite don't have 
author description in header of classes unlike many other apache projects. 
I propose to use javadoc tag @author in header of class when you created it  
and also add extra tag @author when you do many changes in this class.

Profits of this aproach, in my opinion:
1) You always know who has knowledge of this class unlike git annotate which 
are sensetive in refactoring, moving, etc.
2) It will highed responsibilty for code quality because nobody want to sign 
under bad code)

 * @author Anton Kalashnikov
 * @author Other Author

Best Regards,
Anton Kalashnikov

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