This is completed. There were only two patches being built, so I killed
those builds.

I restarted GVO for change 9976 ("Move some test_spilling debug actions to

I *did not* restart builds for change 9988 ("IMPALA-5717: Support for
reading ORC data files"). It's currently private to me, and I thought already went in. Tim, it looks like
that was started by you at Could you restart
it yourself if it makes sense to do so?

Please let me know if you see any Jenkins issues today!


-- Philip

On Wed, Apr 11, 2018 at 9:14 AM, Philip Zeyliger <>

> Hi folks,
> We need to upgrade Jenkins to address a security advisory. I'll be doing
> so today. My apologies for the disruption it will inevitably cause!
> -- Philip

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