Hi all,

2 words about me. working for Sourcesense, committer of Apache POI
implementing the Open XML format support, very close to the CM world,
in particular to JCR; I have been also working on Alfresco for a
couple of years.

I am very excited by this thread, since I am one of those hoping that
CMIS could be, at least, a battering-ram towards better
interoperability among CM vendors.

>The specification is in a very early stage and a lot of things
>need to be addressed [2], but it has peeked the interest of a number
>of people at Apache already.

Yes, this is because there is already a missing brick for CMIS in
order to be successful, that is a Reference Implementation where to
build the Specs.

> Sounds good. We can get started fast in the sandbox and decide later
> whether the effort should be promoted to Jackrabbit trunk, turned into
> a subproject, or branched off somewhere else.
> If there are existing Apache committers from other projects who'd be
> interested in working on this, then we could simplify things by
> opening write access in the Jackrabbit sandbox to all Apache
> committers.

So, here is one!
I like the proposal to create a sandbox where we can put stuff that
could turn out very good stuff or just junk...
Yes: sandbox + committers r/w on it would be the simplest approach.


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