Dominique Pfister wrote:

After having had a first look at the CMIS specification, I decided to
start off with the jcr-cmis implementation. I therefore created a
jcr-cmis sandbox with the following initial structure:

-- + server
---- + rest
---- + ws

I intend to start working on the server/rest subtree (where the REST
API binding will reside). Any comment/feedback and - even better :) -
any contribution/participation on the the server/ws subtree
(containing the Web Services Binding) are more than welcome!

I guess it'll be harder to find volunteers for the ws part :-)

Two thoughts:

1) At some point of time, we'll have to define a mapping from CMIS to JCR (relatively simple) *and* the other way around (now that's harder). So, how to map identifiers (types, paths), what to do with the CMIS relation objects and so on. Should we start a design document (a text file) for that, or would a Wiki work better?

2) I think that having a separate connector for CMIS in addition to WebDAV should be avoided. We essentially would mint different HTTP URLs for the same thing. So maybe not now, but at a later point of time it would be good if we could merge the new functionality into the existing WebDAV stack.

BR, Julian

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