David Nuescheler wrote:
Since functionally the CMIS specification is a subset of the
JCR specification it allows a very simple and straight-forward mapping to
a fully compliant JCR repository such as Jackrabbit.

Yes, the more challenging part is the mapping *from* a JCR repository (how to deal with the information loss).

Defining a mapping will be useful, because it could be re-used to define the relation of CMIS and WebDAV. I think the technically most interesting approach would be to enhance WebDAV to carry the information it currently doesn't have (such as node type information), and then to build CMIS as an extension *into* the Jackrabbit WebDAV layer.

> ...

Another thing the CMIS TC should look into are the various proposals for including support for hierarchies into AtomPub (see, for example, <http://www.oracle.com/technology/tech/feeds/spec/draft-divilly-atompub-hierarchy-00.html>). It seems to me that this problem is generic enough, and the solution should not be specific to CMIS.

BR, Julian

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