Dominique Pfister wrote:
2) I think that having a separate connector for CMIS in addition to WebDAV
should be avoided. We essentially would mint different HTTP URLs for the
same thing. So maybe not now, but at a later point of time it would be good
if we could merge the new functionality into the existing WebDAV stack.

Hm, I'm not sure about the two things being actually the same: looking
at CMIS' REST binding, I see custom headers (e.g. CMIS-type), special
content types (e.g. application/atom+xml) and a HTTP body consisting
of XML documents with root elements other than "DAV:". I'm not
familiar with the extensibility of the WebDAV connector, so I'll just
have to ask, whether you think that this is still inside the scope of
the WebDAV connector?

No, it would be a WebDAV + CMIS connector then.

The only overlap probably is addressing/mapping (between HTTP resources and JCR nodes), GET and PUT -- but I think it would be good to have those in a single place.

BR, Julian

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