I noticed that newbies are often lost at start when using jmeter and search
how to add a sampler for example, or don't know where to find some
particular component in tree menu.

I suggest that we add a Thread group by default to a new test plan. As long
as a view results tree.
Afaik, I always end up having those 2 elements.

In the future we should think about a way to simplify gui.

I think we discussed this in the past but test profile seem to be useful:
- expert : as today
- http : keep only http protocol related elements + usual pre/post
processors, listeners ...
-jms same but for http
- java
- ldap

There would be a visible component (toolbar) to switch between profiles.

Third idea(needs to be improved) add a palette on the right with a
selectable number of components.
Users could drag them on tree, this would avoid the unfolding of tree menu
at different levels.

Other ideas ?

Thoughts ?


Philippe Mouawad.

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