A while ago, we switched from a maven based site to the Apache CMS based
site. There are some pros and cons of this setup.

Pros (for using CMS over mvn site)
- Site can be updated at any point in time, independent of maven builds
- Builds are usually very quick and do not require

- Source control is not in the main repository. As a committer, i need to
have 5 repos checked out pretty much all the time.

So I'm proposing that we which back to a maven based site. I've already
done the work and the source is up to date with what is currently on
juddi.apache.org. There will be some minor formatting differences but for
the most part the change is minimal. Assuming the vote passes, I'll open a
infra ticket to start the switch

To prevent the site, simple check out our git repo, then use `mvn site`.
Standard voting rules apply.

+1 i'm obviously for it

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