Thanks for the context Markus. With that in mind it makes sense to release 
4.0.7 as is so I am changing my vote to +1 (non binding).
I'll try to upgrade to 4.0.5 and wait for the next release.


> On 20.09.2016 г., at 12:24, Markus Rathgeb <> wrote:
> Hi Svetoslav,
> I assume the same as JB already stated to me
> "";
> fits here.
> "As said during 4.0.6 vote, 4.0.7 is first to upgrade Pax Web and fix
> the  service enforcement and include some other bug fixes."
> I am fine to stay on 4.0.5 and wait for 4.0.8 that hopefully contains
> that fixes.
> But if 4.0.7 targets to fix only specific 4.0.6 bugs (+upgrades) I
> don't think the release should be cancelled.

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