Great, glad you agree. It also feels good to delete 700 lines of code :)

I included the removal in this patch:

Planning on moving it from "WIP" state to commitable hopefully today, but
already worth a cursory look to make sure the direction of the refactor is


On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 10:59 AM, David Alves <> wrote:

> +1, we've since broadened our coverage in other tests that those cases
> are covered elsewhere. Plus I agree that with the queue taking more
> responsibility mocking it becomes a hardship.
> -david
> > I'm doing a bit of Consensus refactoring, and finding that the
> raft_consensus-test mock-based test is a bit of a roadblock to refactoring.
> We don't use gmock anywhere else, and so whenever I look at this code I
> quickly develop a head-ache trying to understand what it's doing. Looking
> through the test cases themselves, I believe all of the code paths they try
> to cover are equally well covered by other test cases in
> raft_consensus-itest. Rather than spend several hours trying to figure out
> why the mock isn't behaving like the real code, I'd rather spend that time
> on adding more test cases for the real code. Thoughts?

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