Hi Harish,
    We do not use flow director at the moment. The code you refer to below was
for experimental purposes only and has been ifdef’ed out.


On 9/16/16, 7:25 PM, "Patil, Harish" <harish.pa...@cavium.com> wrote:

    Hi Raja,
    Thanks for the response.
    Is flow director a prerequisite to work with Contrail or is it a
    configurable option within Contrail to not to use it?
    From the code, it seems at-least for the MPLS case, Contrail makes use of
    flow director API rte_eth_dev_fdir_add_perfect_filter() to pass the MPLS
    label as the 'flex bytes' for filtering/Rx queue steering. If this is
    true, it creates a dependency on the NIC drivers to implement flow
    directors to be able to interop with Contrail solution.
    APIs like rte_eth_dev_fdir_add_perfect_filter() are deprecated in later
    DPDK releases. This means Contrail has to be adapted to use
    RTE_FDIR_MODE_PERFECT_TUNNEL flowdir mode (if flowdir is a must) or new
    filtering APIs like rte_eth_dev_filter_ctrl() with RTE_ETH_FILTER_TUNNEL
    mode (if flowdir is not required).
    Pls let me know.
    >Hi Harish,
    >    You are right – we use DPDK 2.1 at the moment. We have no immediate
    >of moving to a new DPDK version. But it is expected that we will upgrade
    >at some
    >point to pick up some fixes, support new NICs etc.
    >On 9/16/16, 2:38 PM, "Dev on behalf of Patil, Harish"
    ><dev-boun...@lists.opencontrail.org on behalf of harish.pa...@cavium.com>
    >    Posting the question that I asked in us...@lists.opencontrail.org.
    >    Hi,
    >    I know the fact that Contrail 3.0+ supports DPDK.
    >    Do you know what version(s) of DPDK are supported with it?
    >    At least from the code it appears that the supported version is 2.1.
    >    If this is true, do you know when will Contrail be able to support
    >    DPDK versions (16.07 or 16.04)?
    >    Thanks,
    >    Harish
    >    Note: I¹m a new user to this mailing list. Pardon me if this happens
    >to be
    >    repeat question.
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