Hi All,

My first question here, so i am hoping at least for some acknowledgement !


   - OCP v3.7
   - Several Worker Nodes
   - Few Workload types
   - One Workload, let's call it WorkloadA is planned to have dedicated
   Worker Nodes.


   - for WorkloadA , I'd like to send/route the Container Logs to an
   External EFK / ELK stack other than the one that does get setup with OCP


   - For Workload A, an ES cluster does already exist, we would like to
   reuse it.
   - There is an impression that the ES cluster that comes with OCP might
   not necessarily scale if the team operating OCP does not size it well


   1. Has this done before ? Yes / No ? Any comments ?
   2. Is there anyway with the fluentd pods or else to route specific
   Workload / Pods Container logs to an external ES cluster ?
   3. If not, i'm willing to deploy my own fluentd pods , what do i lose by
   excluding the WorkloadA Worker Nodes to not have the OCP fluentd pods ? for
   example i don't want to lose any Operations / OCP related / Worker Nodes
   related logs going to the embedded ES cluster, all i need is to have the
   Container Logs of WorkloadA to another ES cluster.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

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