Hey people,

As some of you probably know, I wrote an IRC bot in Haskell from scratch,
called FunBot. There's currently a single known instance of it, under the
nickname "fpbot", running in #snowdrift and several other channels in Freenode.
It's primary functional purpose is to help the free software/culture community.
Its most useful features are probably memos and announcements of repo activity
(commits, issues, merge requests and so on), but there's much more.

For the past 3 months I haven't had coding in my schedule. I tried to refactor
the bot's code for long time but didn't have the motivation to push hard enough
through the challenges, for various reasons and life situations. But meanwhile
tons of open issues accumulated and the bot can be much better than it is now.

This includes boh bug fixes and new features. It can all be done without the
refactoring, just as maintenance actions in small steps.

Making patches is a chance for Haskell beginners to learn in a fun interactive
way. The code is really simple, I started the bot as a beginner myself. It will
also help the bot serve Snowdrift and generally the community on IRC better.

I'm happy to mentor and guide people through making patches, show them where to
fix and what to fix so that they can get familair with the code and get things

If you're interested, please tell me.

In particular, there are some relatively important things people requested and
it would be great if someone made patches. For example, support for announcing
issues and merge requests reported by Gogs instances (currently only GitLab is
supported, which is what we use with Snowdrift). And there's much more to do,
from small fixes to significant new subsystems which require planning.

Thanks in advance for any help :-)


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