Thank you. I'm happy to help anyway I can. I'll look more into it today.


---- On Mon, 11 Sep 2017 04:40:23 -0700 Bryan Richter 
<> wrote ----

> On 09/11/2017 08:00 AM, Peter Harpending wrote: 

>> On Sep 10, 2017 11:27 PM, "jake" wrote: 


>> Hello, I'm Jake. I'm brand new here. In summary, I want "real 

>> world" Haskell experience. (Long version sent to 

>> <>.) 


>> I tried to build the test platform, but encountered a classic 

>> bug: the space bug. 


>> Easy to replicate: make a directory with a space in its name, 

>> such as "foo bar". In my case, it was "Backup One". Navigate 

>> (cd) your terminal to this place. Follow the build instructions 

>> in, starting with the "git clone..." line. 


>> Well, something in the build script does not handle that space. 


>> Using my example with "Backup One", it expects a Unix socket to 

>> be at: 


>> /run/media/jthomas/Backup/.s.PGSQL.5432 


>> Notice the "/Backup/" part should be "/Backup One/". 


>> Furthermore, navigating to jthomas reveals that there is no 

>> "Backup" directory. So that file really does not exist. 

>> (Sometimes these things make the directories that they think 

>> should exist. Not in this case.) 



>> Cheers, Jake 

> Welcome. I'm Peter. 


> If you want to get involved, this would be a good bug for you to 

> fix. It's relatively simple, and you already understand the issue. 


> This would be a low priority issue for us as most developers don't 

> put spaces in file names, so this is unlikely to cause serious 

> issues 



Hi Jake, welcome! 


Congrats, you ran into a "real world" bug. :) I created an issue to 

track it: . 


Like Peter says, it's probably a good place to make a fix. 

Unfortunately it's likely a Bash bug, not a Haskell bug. Probably 

some variable in needs quoting. 


Build bugs are actually always important, so if you don't have a chance 

to get to this, I'll do it this week some time. 







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