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> I seriously doubt that Oracle will turn down a pile of cash ...

Yeah, me neither.

> If we want to say that in the future, we plan on only supporting LTS
> releases, sure, we can say that now, but what's the point? We are so far
> from that it seems. We could say that that's what we'd like to do as
> something sensible and not leading to a trip to the loony bin. But it seems
> like future tripping since we are thinking on staying on Java 8 for a
> while.

Considering the number of times the question has been asked about when we
can upgrade to Java 8, having a general policy surrounding the support
cycle of Java itself makes a lot of sense. We could even use it with
breaking version number changes (e.g., 3.x is Java 8, 4.x is Java 11, 5.x
is Java 14, ...).

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