Thanks for bringing this up, Greg.  I too have felt the pain of this in the
move away from a WAR file in a project or two.  In one of the projects that
comes to mind, we built scripts that re-constituted a Solr distribution
from artifacts in Maven. For anything that wasn't in Maven (e.g. the admin
UI pages, Jetty configs), we checked it into source control.  In hind
sight... the simplicity of what you list as (1) -- check the distro zip
into a Maven repo local to the organization sounds better... but I may be
forgetting requirements that led us not to do this.  I look forward to that
zip shrinking once the docs are gone.  Another option, depending on one's
needs, is to pursue Docker, which I've lately become a huge fan of.  I
think Docker is particularly great for integration tests.  Does the
scenario you wish to use the assets for relate to testing or some other

~ David

On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 7:58 PM Greg Pendlebury <>

> Are there any developers with a current working maven build for a
> downstream Solr installation? ie. Not a build for Solr itself, but a build
> that brings in the core Solr server plus local plugins, third party plugins
> etc?
> I am in the process of updating one of our old builds (it builds both the
> application and various shard instances) and have hit a stumbling block in
> sourcing the dashboard static assets (everything under /webapp/web in
> Solr's source).
> Prior to the move away from being a webapp I could get them by exploding
> the war from Maven Central.
> In our very first foray into 5.x we had a local custom build to patch
> SOLR-2649. We avoided solving this problem then by pushing the webapp into
> our local Nexus as part of that build... but that wasn't a very good long
> term choice.
> So now I'm trying to work out the best long term approach to take here.
> Ideas so far:
>    1. Manually download the required zip and add it into our Nexus
>    repository as a 3rd party artifact. Maven can source and extract anything
>    it needs from here. This is where I'm currently leaning for simplicity, but
>    the manual step required is annoying. It does have the advantage of causing
>    a build failure straight away when a version upgrade occurs, prompting the
>    developer to look into why.
>    2. Move a copy of the static assets for the dashboard into our project
>    and deploy them ourselves. This has the advantage of aligning our approach
>    with the resources we already maintain in the project (like
>, schema.xml, solrconfig.xml, logging etc.). But I am
>    worried that it is really fragile and developers will miss it during a
>    version upgrade, resulting in the dashboard creeping out-of-date and
>    (worse) introducing subtle bugs because of a version mismatch between the
>    UI and the underlying server code.
>    3. I'd like to think a long term approach would be for the core Solr
>    build to ship a JAR (or any other assembly) to Maven Central like
>    'solr-dashboard'... but I'm not sure how that aligns with the move away
>    from Solr being considered a webapp. It seems a shame that all of the Java
>    code ends up in Maven central, but the web layer dead-ends in the ant 
> build.
> I might be missing something really obvious and there is already a way to
> do this. Is there some other distribution of the dashboard statics? Other
> than the downloadable zip that is.
> Ta,
> Greg
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