> : great and very helpful! Does it only contain Solr or are there also Lucene
> tests reported?
> That was just a dumb choice on my part when creating the fucit.org URL
> since the vast majority of the jenkins failures are in Solr tests.
> It's really every test failure reported from any build of any jenkins jobs
> in one of the feeds it's tracking...
> https://github.com/hossman/jenkins-reports/blob/master/venus.ini#L66
> (BTW: If you could setup a "jenkins view" for only the "Lucene/Solr" jobs
> on your jenkins server -- similar to what we have on builds.apache and
> sarowe's jenkins -- that would help reduce the noise in the report if/when
> there are any test failures in other non-lucene jenkins jobs you have
> running)

Here you are: https://jenkins.thetaphi.de/view/Lucene-Solr/

> If, for example, you type "org.apache.lucene" in the text box in the class
> column, it will filter down to only show you test failures from lucene
> package tests -- like for example: in the past 24 hours,
> oal.search.TestSearcherManager has had suite level failures in 10% of the
> jenkins builds in which it run...
>    http://fucit.org/solr-jenkins-reports/failure-report.html



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