Am 10/15/16 um 15:20 schrieb Stephen Connolly:
> * does Maven 5 build Maven 2/3 projects?

No need for this, IMHO. Maven 2 could not build Maven 1 projects. Maven
3 could build Maven 2 projects but added warnings for various things and
some internal model transformations like for the 'reporting' section.
I'd consider that new schema not a new model version, but a whole new
model. It's hard to generate a 4.0.0 POM from that already.
Compatibility with POM 4.0.0 should not stop us from changing things. If
we cannot generate a POM 4.0.0 from the new model, then let's get rid of
that POM 4.0.0 and not make that influence the new model. Just my
opinion, of course.


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