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> Am 10/16/16 um 00:57 schrieb Stephen Connolly:
> > We only have to generate a "consumer pom" in modelVersion 4.0.0... and
> that
> > need only be best effort, and will be generated off the PDT ... the new
> Pom
> > schema is what drives generating the PDT
> If a scope is used not known to POM 4.0.0, just discard it during
> generating POM 4.0.0. Things like that. Someone wanting to support
> building with Maven < 5 as well can provide a 4.0.0 POM manually besides
> the new build pom. Any thoughts about how to name that new build pom?
> maven.xml? So someone can have pom.xml besides maven.xml and can build
> with Maven < 5 and >= 5. For remote deployment Maven >= 5 should be
> used. We cannot stop someone from deploying with Maven < 5 and then one
> more time again with Maven >= 5. Maybe repository managers need to be
> aware of that somehow. Disallow deployments with Maven < 5 or disallow
> deployments with Maven >= 5 if already deployed with Maven < 5. Or just
> name the new file 'pom.xml' again to avoid that situation right from the
> start. Maven < 5 just cannot parse it and fails. Best we can do, I think.

You are over-thinking

My question was: should Maven 5.0.0 be able to build a Maven 2.0-3.x pom?

We have to be able to parse them anyway - for the case that dependencies do
not have a PDT...

Its debatable whether we should allow them as parents...

We probably will want to allow using [2.0,5.0) plugins with [5.0,) projects
(as otherwise "I can't use maven 5 because my favourite plugin doesn't work
with it)

If we have all those constraints... is it that much extra work to be able
to build them too? (Or maybe we just pull down a compat layer that uses
embedder to build those older ones)

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