Am 10/16/16 um 00:57 schrieb Stephen Connolly:
> We only have to generate a "consumer pom" in modelVersion 4.0.0... and that
> need only be best effort, and will be generated off the PDT ... the new Pom
> schema is what drives generating the PDT

If a scope is used not known to POM 4.0.0, just discard it during
generating POM 4.0.0. Things like that. Someone wanting to support
building with Maven < 5 as well can provide a 4.0.0 POM manually besides
the new build pom. Any thoughts about how to name that new build pom?
maven.xml? So someone can have pom.xml besides maven.xml and can build
with Maven < 5 and >= 5. For remote deployment Maven >= 5 should be
used. We cannot stop someone from deploying with Maven < 5 and then one
more time again with Maven >= 5. Maybe repository managers need to be
aware of that somehow. Disallow deployments with Maven < 5 or disallow
deployments with Maven >= 5 if already deployed with Maven < 5. Or just
name the new file 'pom.xml' again to avoid that situation right from the
start. Maven < 5 just cannot parse it and fails. Best we can do, I think.


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