Il ven 11 ott 2019, 08:31 Christofer Dutz <> ha

> Just a small question. I have been following this thread with great
> interest.
> I think this is going to be a big thing when it makes the changes
> available to the main maven system.
> So as far as I understand the core part will be a fixed timestamp which
> will then be used throughout the build by multiple pluggins.
> So if I provide the same timestamp the result should be binary identical.
> Would it be possible to have this timestamp written/updated in the pom as
> part of the release:prepare step?

Yep, this was one of my questions at the beginning of this thread.
I see value in this proposal


> Sort of setting it to some constant (ie REPODUCEABLE_BUILD_TIMESTAMP)
> simply takes the current time but if there is a concrete value, it uses
> that instead?
> Hope im not asking anything obvious. To me it looked as if the timestamp
> has to be manipulated manually.
> Chris
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> From: Emmanuel Bourg <>
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> Subject: Re: last review of Reproducible Builds proposal
> Le 10/10/2019 à 19:28, Hervé BOUTEMY a écrit :
> > the only little mis-interpretation is that it is a pure build
> information,
> > then I don't see why this property would appear in a consumer POM
> Thank you for the clarification, that makes perfectly sense. And I now
> see the benefit of using a property that can be inherited. In a multi
> modules project it's only necessary to define the timestamp once in the
> root pom. Parent poms deployed to Maven Central will never include a
> timestamp and there is no risk of affecting other projects deriving from
> the pom.
> Emmanuel Bourg
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