> On 5. Apr 2021, at 19:58, Vinod Kone <vinodk...@apache.org> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Based on the recent conversations 
> <https://lists.apache.org/thread.html/raed89cc5ab78531c48f56aa1989e1e7eb05f89a6941e38e9bc8803ff%40%3Cuser.mesos.apache.org%3E>
>  on our mailing list, it seems to me that the majority consensus among the 
> existing PMC is to move the project to the attic <https://attic.apache.org/> 
> and let the interested community members collaborate on a fork in Github.
> I would like to call a vote to dissolve the PMC and move the project to the 
> attic. 
> Please reply to this thread with your vote. Only binding votes from 
> PMC/committers count towards the final tally but everyone in the community is 
> encouraged to vote. See process here <https://attic.apache.org/process.html>.
> Thanks,

+1 for move to attic.

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