I hope y'all can forgive me for sticking my nose in, as a concerned member. 
Color me confused by this vote.

A month ago, on this same list - 
 - Qian asked who was still interested in keeping the project going. SIX people 
responded that, given the chance, they'd step up and keep it going.

Around that same time - 
 - Vinod observed that the too-high barrier to granting committer rights has 
been a major factor in the slowdown of the project.

And yet, y'all are voting to attic the project.

So, again, it's not my project, and I don't have a vote here, but the reason 
the Board asks projects to have these attic conversations on the Dev list is 
*specifically* so that interested people can say, hey, don't attic it, we'll 
take it from here. Which six people, plus Qian, have done.

Maybe it's time to lower the barrier to entry, and let these willing people 
take the project forward, do so. The Board can work out the picky little 
details of re-forming the PMC, if that's a difficulty.

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