I'm very interested in maintaining Mesos and don't want such an excellent
project to end.
I have participated in the development of a resource scheduling system used
Mesos in a big data platform  (AlibabaCloud Dataphin) before.
And now I have quit my job and am preparing to go to graduate school now,
so I have much free time.
But I'm not particularly familiar with C++, so I would appreciate some help
from the community.

Qian Zhang <zhq527...@gmail.com> 于2023年3月18日周六 09:57写道:

> Hi all,
> I'd like to restart the discussion around the future of the Mesos project.
> As you may already be aware, the Mesos community has been inactive for the
> last few years, there were only 3 contributors last year, that's obviously
> not enough to keep the project moving forward. I think we need at least 3
> active committers/PMC members and some active contributors to keep the
> project alive, or we may have to move it to attic
> <https://attic.apache.org/>.
> Call for action: If you are the current committer/PMC member and still have
> the capacity to maintain the project, or if you are willing to actively
> contribute to the project as a contributor, please reply to this email,
> thanks!
> Regards,
> Qian Zhang

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