As an update: The Linux Foundation has offered to migrate these videos so
that MesosCon 2015 videos are moved to the same LF YouTube channel as 2016
and 2017.

I'll give this 72 hours for folks to chime-in with any additional feedback.
Assuming we have consensus we'll proceed with the migration.


On Mon, Mar 13, 2023 at 11:19 AM Dave Lester <> wrote:

> I’m looking into options for moving video of MesosCon 2015 presentations
> (the project's community conference that took place in Seattle with 700+
> attendees) from their current stand-alone YouTube channel (
> to a larger channel that’s more
> official.
> Motivation
> Apache Mesos became a top-level ASF project 10 years ago and I’d like
> these presentation videos to be accessible for many more years. To ensure
> that they aren’t lost or accidentally deleted I believe they should be
> saved to an official channel. Migration becomes less likely and more
> difficult with time so I’m prioritizing this now.
> Anticipated Impact
> Minimal. In the options I’m currently exploring the links will change but
> videos will remain discoverable via YouTube search. Previous YouTube view
> counts will likely be lost. Once the videos are uploaded to a new channel
> the previous MesosCon channel will be deleted.
> Paths Being Explored
> We’ve been given the green light to use The Apache Software Foundation
> YouTube channel and would likely post videos in a separate event playlist.
> I also plan to contact The Linux Foundation who managed the event to see if
> they’d prefer to host the videos themselves (the LF already hosts video
> from MesosCon 2016 and 2017).
> Your feedback is welcome! I’ll continue to work on this in the coming
> weeks and will report back with an updated link once the transfer is
> complete.
> Best,
> Dave Lester
> Apache Mesos PMC Member and Co-chair of MesosCon 2015

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