We can already do that with profiles I would have thought. Create a profile 
that only picks alerts and then base your emails only from the alert events 
produced by that profile. Would that create the right batching mechanism (at a 
cost of possible higher latency than you might get with a more specific alert 


> On 13 Dec 2017, at 21:23, James Sirota <jsir...@apache.org> wrote:
> I agree with Simon.  If you email each alert individually you will be 
> overwhelmed.  I think a better idea would be to email alert summaries 
> periodically, which is more manageable.  This is probably a feature worthy of 
> consideration for Metron. 
> 13.12.2017, 12:19, "Simon Elliston Ball" <si...@simonellistonball.com>:
>> Metron generates alerts onto a Kafka queue, which can be used to integrate 
>> with Alert management tools, usually some sort of existing alert aggregation 
>> tool.
>> An alternative approach common with this is to have a tool like Apache NiFi 
>> attach to the Metron alert feed and send email.
>> The solution here would be to have Metron generate alerts (by adding the 
>> is_alert: true flag in the enrichment process) and possibly other flags like 
>> alert_email for example, and then have NiFi use ConsumeKafka and then filter 
>> out the alert only messages in NiFi to use the PutEmail processor (probably 
>> with a ControlRate before it too).
>> Something I would caution is that email is not a great way to manage or send 
>> alerts at the volume likely to occur in network monitoring tools. A spike in 
>> network traffic can lead to a very large number of emails, which tends to 
>> then cause you bigger problems. As such we usually find people want some 
>> sort of buffering or aggregation of alerts, hence the use of a an alert 
>> management or ticketing solution in front.
>> Simon
>>>  On 13 Dec 2017, at 19:06, Ahmed Shah <ahmeds...@cmail.carleton.ca> wrote:
>>>  Hello,
>>>  Just wondering if Metron has a feature to email alerts based on rules that 
>>> a user defines.
>>>  Example:
>>>  Rule A: Email the user 1...@1.com whenever ip_src_addr=100.2.10.*
>>>  Rule B: Email the user 1...@1.com whenever payload contains "critical"
>>>  If not, does anyone have any recommendations on where to code these rules 
>>> in the Metron stack that uses attributes from the GROK parser?
>>>  -Ahmed
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