While summary of _any_ metron data ( perhaps by query etc ) would be good,
let us not lose sight of the OP’s issue.  Ever with summary|digest or one
at a time, they are looking for sending mails to certain people based on

A pseudo path may be

INDEXING -> New Topology or ?? -> evaluate rules -> bin matches to batches
per destination -> create digest from bin’s and send on batch size or
timeout ( as the bulk writer does )

I’m sure there is something wrong with this, but it is easier to frame it
in the way we do it now, and then work from there for me.

On December 13, 2017 at 16:55:35, Simon Elliston Ball (
si...@simonellistonball.com) wrote:

That makes a lot of sense, especially if you wanted the detail in the email
as well. We could definitely use some good "reporting of alerts”
functionality that would make something like that work. What do people


> On 13 Dec 2017, at 21:52, James Sirota <jsir...@apache.org> wrote:
> I think there may be gaps in doing it with the profiler. You can record
stats and counts of different alert types, and maybe even alert ids, but
you can't cross-correlate these IDs to the alert body. At least not in the
profiler. I was thinking about emailing something that looks like a
zeppelin report. You would run it in a cron, export to PDF, and send that
out as a summary. It can be a simple list of alerts that match your rule,
or it can have aggregations, graphics, metrics, KPI screens, etc. That
would be the feature that I would want to discuss and flesh out
> Thanks,
> James
> 13.12.2017, 14:26, "Simon Elliston Ball" <si...@simonellistonball.com>:
>> We can already do that with profiles I would have thought. Create a
profile that only picks alerts and then base your emails only from the
alert events produced by that profile. Would that create the right batching
mechanism (at a cost of possible higher latency than you might get with a
more specific alert batcher?)
>> Simon
>>> On 13 Dec 2017, at 21:23, James Sirota <jsir...@apache.org> wrote:
>>> I agree with Simon. If you email each alert individually you will be
overwhelmed. I think a better idea would be to email alert summaries
periodically, which is more manageable. This is probably a feature worthy
of consideration for Metron.
>>> 13.12.2017, 12:19, "Simon Elliston Ball" <si...@simonellistonball.com>:
>>>> Metron generates alerts onto a Kafka queue, which can be used to
integrate with Alert management tools, usually some sort of existing alert
aggregation tool.
>>>> An alternative approach common with this is to have a tool like Apache
NiFi attach to the Metron alert feed and send email.
>>>> The solution here would be to have Metron generate alerts (by adding
the is_alert: true flag in the enrichment process) and possibly other flags
like alert_email for example, and then have NiFi use ConsumeKafka and then
filter out the alert only messages in NiFi to use the PutEmail processor
(probably with a ControlRate before it too).
>>>> Something I would caution is that email is not a great way to manage
or send alerts at the volume likely to occur in network monitoring tools. A
spike in network traffic can lead to a very large number of emails, which
tends to then cause you bigger problems. As such we usually find people
want some sort of buffering or aggregation of alerts, hence the use of a an
alert management or ticketing solution in front.
>>>> Simon
>>>>> On 13 Dec 2017, at 19:06, Ahmed Shah <ahmeds...@cmail.carleton.ca>
>>>>> Hello,
>>>>> Just wondering if Metron has a feature to email alerts based on rules
that a user defines.
>>>>> Example:
>>>>> Rule A: Email the user 1...@1.com whenever ip_src_addr=100.2.10.*
>>>>> Rule B: Email the user 1...@1.com whenever payload contains "critical"
>>>>> If not, does anyone have any recommendations on where to code these
rules in the Metron stack that uses attributes from the GROK parser?
>>>>> -Ahmed
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>>> Thank you,
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