Github user merrimanr commented on the issue:
    I agree with @justinleet.  I would prefer we use Solr 6+.  At some point 
HDP Search will move to 6+ and we can easily switch to the Mpack since 
installing Solr is a manual step now.  Happy to document that once we are all 
in agreement.
    As for the parameters we expose in Ambari, I'm referring to the parameters 
stored in Zookeeper that the SolrWriter reads.  They are:
    - solr.zookeeper
    - solr.commitPerBatch
    - solr.commit.waitSearcher
    - solr.commit.waitFlush
    - solr.commit.soft
    - solr.collection
    - solr.http.config
    Currently Ambari only exposes the "solr.zookeeper" parameter which is 
necessary to get the indexing topology writing to Solr.  I think a reasonable 
solution would be to include all the others except "solr.http.config" since 
it's an advanced config.  Storm tuning parameters are independent of the writer 
implementation and already exposed in Ambari.  
    For the collection service actions, it would mirror what we expose for ES:  
creating and deleting templates (schemas in Solr terms).


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