Github user cestella commented on the issue:
    Chiming in late.  I agree that we should not have an explicit dependency on 
an indexing Mpack, even one not of our own construction.  I think people will 
have a lot of different ways to install solr and Metron's mpack should just be 
configured to point to an existing solr instance.
    I would generally be in favor of adding support for:
    * solr.commitPerBatch
    * solr.commit.waitSearcher
    * solr.commit.waitFlush
    * solr.commit.soft
    * solr.collection
    * solr.http.config
    but sensible defaults are chosen there and people can adjust them in the 
global config, so I think they can wait for a follow-on.  Some of them may be 
problematic to encode in a UI (solr.http.config is a map, for instance), but 
most of them would be pretty trivial.  Frankly, I'm a bit hesitant to give 
people the ability to screw with transactions details easily.


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