Great idea! This will be a HUGE improvement in the user experience for first 
timers to Metron. Katakoda seems very interesting - simple and 
straight-forward. I loved the way you can provide instructions, commands (that 
can be directly clicked!), links, explanation and so on. 


´╗┐On 10/25/18, 7:49 PM, "Nick Allen" <> wrote:

    We all know spinning up the development environment is a pain.
    Unfortunately, it is the only way for a new user to get a feel for Metron.
    We need a better way to introduce new users to Metron.
    I am hoping we can brainstorm ways to improve that experience.  Here are a
    few thoughts that might help start a discussion.
    (1) Create a *KataKoda* [1] based demo.  I ran across this after finding
    Apache Ozone's demo [2], which I think is great.
       - A user does not need to download or install anything.  It is a
          completely hosted offering.
          - Provides a step-by-step demo experience that could guide users
          through creating an enrichment, defining a profile, managing alerts.
          - Would require a Metron on Docker solution.
    (2) Create a *Vagrant Cloud* [3] hosted image of "Full Dev" with everything
    installed and ready to rock.  A user would just need to install Vagrant and
    vagrant init metron/0.6.0
    vagrant up
       - Reduces the number of dependencies needed to get Metron up-and-running.
          - Significantly increases the success rate of new users getting
          Metron running.
          - Still results in "Full Dev" Metron which requires too many
          resources for the average computer.
    Are these good options? What other approaches could we take?  Hopefully
    some JIRAs might fall out of this discussion.
    - Nick

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