Hi Everyone,

I'd like to get a bit more systematic about how we release and I wanted
some clarification and advice about suggested release process.

The last release, we

   - opened up the release via an announce thread that gave people the
   opportunity to object and add JIRAs they felt were important to be
   considered for the release
   - made a release branch in git
   - made a release candidate tag
   - sent out the release candidate for a vote
   - when passed, sent the release candidate for a vote in general

A couple of questions:

   - Is 72 hours sufficient for people to suggest JIRAs that need to get in
   for the release?
   - What we did not do is have the JIRA backlog groomed and have JIRAs
   assigned to releases beyond the current release.  This would make it easier
   for people to find JIRAs that they want in.  Is that a sensible
   prerequisite for the release or is that overkill?
   - Are there best practices that successful projects of our
   maturity-level do that we are not doing around release?


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