Am 2. März 2019 15:13:23 MEZ schrieb Carin Meier <>:
>I wanted to kickoff a discussion about community building. There was an
>excellent blog post from the Apache Beam Community on this

Needless to say I really love that blog post.

Other than that there are a couple of question you might ask yourself as a 

How easy is it to patriciate as an outsider, how much communication is 
happening outside of dev@?

How explicit are you about how inclusive you want to be? See also

How explicit are you about where you need help (including and beyond coding)?

How explicit are you with downstream users that some of the inner workings of 
Apache projects are build around a scratch your own itch casual contributions 
that ideally should be rewarded the same way as full-time contributions 
( )?

I think you want to enable as many ppl as possible - typically only ten percent 
of your users turn into contributor, of those only ten percent trend to be 
repeat contributors... at least in my experience.

Just some ideas,
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