It looks like a chicken-egg problem. But if CDI is present, it should run
before MyFaces, so BeanManager should be available on MyFaces startup,
never the opposite. After all, it is the bean container and the code was
not designed for the opposite. I don't know if something changed.

As far as I can remember there is no CDI initialization in the startup, but
the BeanManager reference is required at that point since after that part,
other features are enabled/disabled based on the reference.

But in 2.3.0 MyFaces is no longer able to run without CDI (deprecation of
Managed Beans).

In my opinion the container should set the ordering: first CDI then
MyFaces, not the opposite. It doesn't look like something to be solved in
MyFaces side.


Leonardo Uribe

2018-04-13 3:04 GMT-05:00 Thomas Andraschko <andraschko.tho...@gmail.com>:

> Puh, stupid problem....
> I think we must move the "CDI-init stuff" into a extension, but the leave
> everything else as it is as MF can still be used without CDI.
> As the ServletContextInitializer runs before the CDI Extensions, the
> StartupFacesContext could be available, also in the extension?
> 2018-04-13 9:54 GMT+02:00 Mark Struberg <strub...@yahoo.de>:
>> Hi folks!
>> I've figured that we blow up pretty nasty when using latest MyFaces on
>> Tomcat with any CDI container (OWB or Weld).
>> That's because you must not use BeanManager#getBeans before
>> AfterDeplyomentValidation gets fired.
>> I think the whole handling should ONLY be done via a CDI Extension!
>> In which way it will automatically get picked up and will initialise
>> Flows perfectly fine.
>> The only problem to solve is how to make the FacesContext available from
>> within the CDI Extension.
>> The ticket is tracked as MYFACES-4224.
>> Feedback welcome.
>> LieGrue,
>> strub

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