It seems this only happens with MaFaces-2.2.x and is fixed in 2.3.0!
I'll update the ticket to reflect this info.Do we want to backport this change 
or just move forward?

    On Friday, 13 April 2018, 17:17:17 CEST, Mark Struberg <> 
 Hi Leo!

The point is that we do bean initialisation in FacesInitializer. But we 
actually should do it in the CDI Extensions.
When we startup the FacesInitializer it is _not_ guaranteed that the CDI 
container is already started!
And even we get our hand at the BeanManager then this is not a guarantee that 
the BeanManager is fully booted.
In any case we must not invoke getBeans() etc on this BeanManager before 
AfterDeploymentValidation got fired.

I gonna fix that. It is already working fine locally but I want to do some 
further test and also let it run in TomEE to ensure I didn't trash anything.


> Am 13.04.2018 um 16:21 schrieb Leonardo Uribe <>:
> Hi
> It looks like a chicken-egg problem. But if CDI is present, it should run 
> before MyFaces, so BeanManager should be available on MyFaces startup, never 
> the opposite. After all, it is the bean container and the code was not 
> designed for the opposite. I don't know if something changed. 
> As far as I can remember there is no CDI initialization in the startup, but 
> the BeanManager reference is required at that point since after that part, 
> other features are enabled/disabled based on the reference.
> But in 2.3.0 MyFaces is no longer able to run without CDI (deprecation of 
> Managed Beans). 
> In my opinion the container should set the ordering: first CDI then MyFaces, 
> not the opposite. It doesn't look like something to be solved in MyFaces side.
> regards,
> Leonardo Uribe
> 2018-04-13 3:04 GMT-05:00 Thomas Andraschko <>:
> Puh, stupid problem....
> I think we must move the "CDI-init stuff" into a extension, but the leave 
> everything else as it is as MF can still be used without CDI.
> As the ServletContextInitializer runs before the CDI Extensions, the 
> StartupFacesContext could be available, also in the extension?
> 2018-04-13 9:54 GMT+02:00 Mark Struberg <>:
> Hi folks!
> I've figured that we blow up pretty nasty when using latest MyFaces on Tomcat 
> with any CDI container (OWB or Weld).
> That's because you must not use BeanManager#getBeans before 
> AfterDeplyomentValidation gets fired. 
> I think the whole handling should ONLY be done via a CDI Extension!
> In which way it will automatically get picked up and will initialise Flows 
> perfectly fine.
> The only problem to solve is how to make the FacesContext available from 
> within the CDI Extension.
> The ticket is tracked as MYFACES-4224.
> Feedback welcome.
> LieGrue,
> strub

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