I understand, you are the only Myriad committer right now (the only
committer with active interest in the project), and you are not able
of approving new committers, or even external contributions because
you are alone, and Apache need three official committers for that.

So we are locked!

What options do we have?

1. Try to convince to Apache managers (I don't now the correct term)
for an exception to allow you accept commits from external
contributors (like me). I mean continue the incubation process with
non-standard rules.

2. Follow your first proposal, create a new github organization, for
example (github.com/myriad) and working there. Maybe in the future we
can try go to Apache incubation again.

I guess we are three people with interest into continue the project,
you, Juan P. and myself. From my side I am working in a local fork for
enhancing some stuff.

What do you think about?
Javi Roman

Twitter: @javiromanrh
GitHub: github.com/javiroman
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On Thu, Feb 1, 2018 at 11:18 PM, Darin Johnson <dbjohnson1...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Javi, the block is a bit bigger than that.  To do things the Apache Way, at
> least 3 committers need to sign off on all releases and approve new
> committers.  This makes it really difficult to strengthen a weak
> community.  There may be a way around this if we got incubator to add some
> new committers outside the standard process.  I don't know how that would
> work or what evidence they'd want.  In addition we'd again need at least 3
> people actively contributing to the project.  Likely this would be almost
> identical to creating a new incubator project.

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