> 1. Try to convince to Apache managers (I don't now the correct term)
> for an exception to allow you accept commits from external
> contributors (like me).

All and any contributions are welcome, that is not he issue here. The board 
requires oversight of at least 3 (P)PMC members. For incubating project 
generally the committers are the PPMC.

> 2. Follow your first proposal, create a new github organization, for
> example (github.com/myriad) and working there.

As the software is under the Apache license anyone can do this, you don't need 
to ask for permission.

> Maybe in the future we can try go to Apache incubation again.

And I’m sure the Apache incubator would welcome that.

> I guess we are three people with interest into continue the project,
> you, Juan P. and myself. From my side I am working in a local fork for
> enhancing some stuff.

Alternatively if the people above have contributed and promoted the project 
(I’m sorry but I don’t know the full history here) and the currenrt PPMC 
recognise that and votes you in as PPMC members then that may be enough to 
continue the project at Apache.


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