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> Hi all,
> in the Branding Initiative we're going to define how our new logo
> should be used - and among others there are different opinions on the
> necessity to provide a logo that contains the native-lang ISO code in
> front of the logo. I our last IRC meeting we wanted to ask the
> native-lang projects about their thought - and here I am ;-)
> In general the logo should not be surrounded by any text or graphics
> to keep it distinct from the elements around it. But some exceptions
> will be made for a subline with text below it (like project names)
> and the OOoCon logo (no final agreement by now) that will be allowed
> to be positioned nearer to the logo than other elements.
> Even this reduced space (half the height of the "O" in the logo)
> doesn't allow a position exactly at the side of the logo. So without
> another exception combining the logo with the N-L ISO code would be
> prohibited and would have to be prosecuted by Oracle legal as
> trademark owner, because a trademark not being defended will be
> decided non-existent by the courts.
> I know that some of the native-lang projects combined the old logo
> with their ISO code in this way - and Sophie and Cor mentioned on the
> branding list their strong support for keeping this possibility.
> Sophie wrote:
> > This is very important that we are allowed to use an iso code
> > personalized logo. This means that through our local events, we can
> > advertise our community, identity and culture in an official way.
> > [...] we can advertise that we are official members of this
> > community. If we do not have this opportunity, this means that we
> > are equals to those who will provide the xx.openoffice.org logos, we
> > won't have more rights than them, and that means also less
> > recognition from the project.
> >
> > If this is a cost (meaning euros or dollars) issue because we have
> > to buy the xx.openoffice.org name, we should discuss it through the
> > project and see how we can solve this with the local associations.
> > And this is also important for the br.openoffice.org project.
> >
> Rosana described possible trademark problems with the creation of 
> hundreds of different logos, but in my eyes this is just one simple
> rule that defines
> - who is allowed to                  (only official OOo projects)
> - add a well defined code            (released at the projects.OOo
> site)
> - to a exactly defined position      (in front of the logo,
>                                        fixed position of the dot)
> - in a single font, size and color   (part of the spec file)
> If you think it would be worthwhile to evaluate the legal aspects of 
> this idea, I would go and ask in the trademark group for legal advise 
> how this can be achieved.
> *So please tell me* :
> Do you think such a logo is not only a "nice-to-have", but an
> important identification and marketing topic for your native-lang
> community
> http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/File:NLC_logo_proposal.png ?

Yes.  However, I'm thinking that it would be necessary to ask the
trademark group and the Oracle legal dept for advice. If there really
is a problem, we could think about the possibility to use another logo
specifically for the NLC projects (we actually have one, but it's not

> Would it be enough to use the project's name below the unchanged logo
> as reference for the N-L projects (here two different drafts for the 
> marketing and the francophone project)
> http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/File:Subline_proposal.png
> http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/File:Example-logo-nlc-with-line.png

It would be the easy solution, but I also believe it lacks diversity
unless projects find a way to really customize the subline. 

> Or should we only have an area for native-lang content with the
> reduced whitespace at the side of the logo like Rosana proposed (with
> or without a textual area used here for the OOoCon description):
> http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Branding_Initiative/branding_guidelines_draft#Proposal_for_Conference_and_seasonal_Logos

I think that could be an optional choice but it might not appeal to
many NLC projects.



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