Hi Charles, Lars, Jean-Baptiste, all,

thanks for your replies (more / other opinions are still welcome)

Charles-H. Schulz schrieb:
Hello Bernhard,
*So please tell me* :

Do you think such a logo is not only a "nice-to-have", but an
important identification and marketing topic for your native-lang
http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/File:NLC_logo_proposal.png ?

Yes.  However, I'm thinking that it would be necessary to ask the
trademark group and the Oracle legal dept for advice.

I sent a mail to the trademark group containing my proposal and your comments. If you are interested in the content, please have a look at the end of this mail.

If there really
is a problem, we could think about the possibility to use another logo
specifically for the NLC projects (we actually have one, but it's not

From branding point of view I'd prefer strongly the official logo with the ISO codes - this keeps consistency with the general branding, a focus on the main common logo while providing info on the specific NLC project.

Perhaps it could be possible to adapt the gull orb symbol to the NLC http://www.openoffice.org/trademark/OOo_Application_256x256.png

This would keep at least the new blue tone...

Would it be enough to use the project's name below the unchanged logo
as reference for the N-L projects (here two different drafts for the
marketing and the francophone project)

It would be the easy solution, but I also believe it lacks diversity
unless projects find a way to really customize the subline.

Customizing should be done in a vector graphic program like Inkscape - here you will get the right position and size while modifying the text.

As with the NLC logos (if they will be allowed) I'd recommend to create them in collaboration with the international branding / art team, so the result follows the general look and feel of our website. But with such a file as master it's quite easy to do it on your own.

Best regards


PS: My mail sent to the trademark team:

Trademark problem? Requested usage of [project].openoffice.org logo

Hi all,

once more especially Tiki and others knowing about trademark law...

In the Branding Initiative we've been working on guidelines for the new
logo's usage and step by step we seem to approach our opinions to a
possible compromise in several areas.

One point still difficult is the usage of the sub-project's project
names not only as text (covered by the word mark), but as logo.

Some of the most active community members (Sophie Gautier, Cor Nouws,
Charles-H. Schulz, Lars Nooden, Jean-Baptiste Faure) mentioned the
necessity for such a usage especially for NLC projects (for details see

While Rosana fears the creation of hundreds of different logos that
can't be protected by the trademark anymore, my idea was to define a
simple rule defining clearly what kind of addition to the logo is allowed.

Such a rule could look like:
- Only official project abbreviations up to four lower-case characters listed at [1] (accepted projects) and [2] (native-lang projects) can be used as reference to the respective OpenOffice.org project.
- Font, size, position and color are defined in a scalable vector file
like [3].
- Adding such a code doesn't change any part of the trademark policy for
the official OpenOffice.org logo.

I can't imagine, how such a rule could be exploited in a way that
damages OpenOffice.org.

Therefore I ask for including it in the not yet released Trademark
Policy (or in the next version - leaving the details to the guideline
for the moment).

Best regards


[1]: http://projects.openoffice.org/accepted.html
[2]: http://projects.openoffice.org/native-lang.html
[3]: http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/File:OOo_subproject_logo_draft.svg
 (wrong rendering in Mozilla browser, editable with Inkscape)

Quotations from brand...@marketing.ooo and d...@native-lang.ooo:

Sophie Gautier [4]:
> This is very important that we are allowed to use an iso code
> personalized logo. This means that through our local events, we can
> advertise our community, identity and culture in an official way.
> [...] this is one of the most difficult area where to recruit
> contributors (meaning G11n, doc, etc). More, we can advertise that we
> are official members of this community. If we do not have this
> opportunity, this means that we are equals to those who will provide
>  the xx.openoffice.org logos, we won't have more rights than them,
> and that means also less recognition from the project.
> If this is a cost (meaning euros or dollars) issue because we have to
> buy the xx.openoffice.org name, we should discuss it through the
> project and see how we can solve this with the local associations.
> And this is also important for the br.openoffice.org project.

Cor Nouws [5]:
> What if all accepted OpenOffice.org NLC projects can use their
> name-code in combination with the logo? We use nl.OpenOffice.org
> regularly. And it looks good. IMO it looks best, if the 'nl' is the
> same as the  org'. It is a simple rule, show the logo in a clear and
> consistent way...

Charles-H Schulz [6] replying to my question "Do you think such a logo
is [...] an important identification and marketing topic for your
native-lang community? ":
> Yes.  However, I'm thinking that it would be necessary to ask the
> trademark group and the Oracle legal dept for advice. If there
> really is a problem, we could think about the possibility to use
> another logo specifically for the NLC projects

Lars Nooden [7]:
> I would say that use is essential for both marketing the
> localizations and for maintaining the native language communities.

Jean-Baptiste Faure [8]:
> It is an essential identification and marketing topic for our NLC.

[4]: http://marketing.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=branding&msgNo=384 [5]: http://marketing.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=branding&msgNo=383
[6]: http://native-lang.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=dev&msgNo=9234
[7]: http://native-lang.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=dev&msgNo=9235
[8]: http://native-lang.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=dev&msgNo=9236

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