Le 15/10/2010 03:12, Louis Suarez-Potts a écrit :
> On 2010-10-14, at 18:11 , Lior Kaplan wrote:
>> On Thu, Oct 14, 2010 at 9:32 PM, Louis Suárez-Potts <
>> louis.suarez-po...@oracle.com> wrote:
>>> All,
>>> I have asked that Charles Schulz recuse himself from his role as lead of
>>> the NLC category because of the confusion his new role outside of
>>> OpenOffice.org would produce in the minds of contributors and users.  I have
>>> not received an answer, so I must presume one, that he would act with good
>>> grace and recognize the impossibility of his dual roles.
>> I think you're wrong on this, as many of us volunteer on more than one
>> projects, and some might have conflicts, but that is the way community
>> works. I do both Debian and Ubuntu work - and I just try to combine what's
>> possible.
>> Charles' use of this list to send a one time mail about LibreOffice was fine
>> from my point of view, as any other mail about collaboration with open
>> source projects.
>> Oracle should be smarter on these issues and not making this an us vs. them
>> situation...
>> Kaplan
> This is not an Oracle issue. 

Hi Louis,

Of course it is an Oracle issue : there is no conflict of interest
between OpenOffice.org Community and the Document Foundation, both work
for the development of the best free and open-source productivity suite.

On the other side we are many to think there is a conflict of interest
for Oracle between OpenOffice.org Community and Oracle. The only good
way to solve this conflict is to participate to the project through the
Document Foundation as a regular member without no more prerogatives
than other members.


Jean-Baptiste Faure
French N-L project Lead

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