On 2010-10-14, at 21:40 , Joey Stanford wrote:

>> This is not an Oracle issue. Rather, it's a longstanding OpenOffice.org 
>> policy not to permit the use of our resources for the advocacy of other 
>> projects or interests.
>> The issue at stake is not an us vs. them thing.
> By your own admission, it is. Regardless of whether Charles should or
> should not have posted, you've just told everyone that even though the
> code base between OpenOffice and LibreOffice is the same, and many of
> the people are currently the same, Oracle doesn't want to collaborate
> but rather dictate.  This just adds to the justification of the fork
> that just happened.

I have said that? I'm curious to know when. But I'll save some time. My point 
is rather that there is both actual and probably confusion and that's a bad 
thing, for OpenOffice.org. Again, this is not an Oracle thing; it is a 
longstanding policy of OpenOffice.org's.  We also happily accept those working 
on and affiliated with other projects to work on OpenOffice.org; but we also 
expect them then, if they become representatives of the project, to do so 
without the shadow of a conflict of interest. In this case, I believe there is 
a conflict of interest. Logically, there must be: else, there would not have 
been a split in the first place. 


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